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KUNST Press Release - Q2 2019


Everyday, the KUNST community grows bigger. Instead of KUNST offering only the best fashion products to its end-users, to scout and find the best fashion designer brands in Mexico for the world into our store. Now, it's time to give back to our community, by turning into a more sustainable and business-freindly approach.
Now, starting on this on this Q2, KUNST has its new company division called, KUNST SERVICES. This brand new division, develops specially personalized services for all affiliated brands to develop new technologies, online experiences and brand placement services.
Such new technologies that will be released on many of our products right after the end of this 2nd quarter of 2019 are Project KNIGHTWARE, which is an AI that offers an immersive, mass customization AR experience, all in the reach of any smart-device. 
This helps to bridge the gaps in the E-commerce Industry, by which customers can measure their own personalized apparel from a single cellphone image, digitally place it on themselves, and in the end it the system hands out a 95% optimized measurement data of the garment for the end-user to place an order and obtain the product with such measurements. 
Now, for our brand placement services, KUNST is including a versatile and accessible On-Demand Services for Affiliates that include: Fashion Runways, Bazaars, Expos and B2B Supply Chains with international buyers across the world.
These services are based on a supply and demand modeled AI, that helps optimize prices through a polling system, from which every 10 poll votes regstered within the system reduces the price of the service, and makes it more competitive and cost-efficient for the brands to acquire our services.
All of these services are included with an additional price start from a $899 MXN (Around $44.99 USD) to $2,999 MXN (Around $149.99 USD) per session.

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