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"Kimono Matcha" - Green Tea Powder (50 grams)

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Matcha, or crushed green tea of the highest quality comes from imperial Gyokuro or Sencha region of Japan, this fine powder has a high concentration of caffeine since matcha powder is obtained from the ground leaves of green tea, the leaves are harvested, dried and finally grounded into a green powder after going through a magical and extensive process, which gives it much more concentrated and makes it extremely rich in antioxidants.

Possible benefits of Matcha Powdered tea: High in antioxidants, loaded with catechins, EGCg, improves calm, increases memory and concentration, burns fat, detoxifies and fortifies the system. Let the love of matcha begin in your daily life with a cup from our Kimono Matcha Tea.


1 cup of 215 ml of water needs 1 gram of matcha tea powder (1/4 tea-spoon).

The bag makes 45 to 50 cups depending on how intense you like the taste of tea


Keep in a cool dry place. If you are sensitive to caffeine and do not fall asleep at night if you drink coffee, drink the tea before 6pm so that your body has time to reduce the effects of the caffeine in the tea before it is time to sleep. People who are intolerant to caffeine should refrain from consuming matcha, as it can lead to tachycardia.

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