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Tierra Viva

Our Story

The idea converge naturally, from our Mexico team, whose vision, experience and skills take them to fuse their ideas and insights in one brilliant concept: "Tierra Viva"

All we have is the desire to share a small piece of Mexico in its best expression.


Propose products that meet high quality standards, healthy for their uniqueness and nutritional value, coming from distant and exotic places.


To become the reference brand in Europe regarding high quality exotic gourmet products, authentic flavors and easy to pair with the local diet.

Fair Trade

It’s important for us to know and have control of every step in the process of our products, with the aim to maintain the quality and freshness of what we are offering to the world

All our producers comply normatives by Mexican government which apply in the international landscape. We focus in develop our producers, growing each other along the process.

One of our main goals is to look for fair rates and contracts with our producers and with every party involved along the distribution chain. We believe in fair trade practices, good working conditions and the respect for the environment.

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